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January 17-18, 2015
Purchase now thru Jan 2, 2015

Cash Only Deals! (in-store)

$20.00 midnight or Saturday event entry
$100.00 Buy-A-Box
(ltd to 20 promos)

Purchase with Credit/Debit
$24.00 pre-release event entry
$114.99 Fate Reforged Booster Box


Preorder Now!

Fate Reforged

Intro Packs

Fat Packs too!

Release Date Jan 23rd, 2015





VINTAGE CORNER! New items in every week

Vintage, Retro and pre-owned clothing & accessories, perfect for

collectors, cosplay, steampunk, pinup and more!

Have vintage clothing to sell?

We buy Sunday through Thursday 11a-6p

 Board Games Fans check out BANG! Halo,

Forbidden Desert & Takenoko


Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

Supplies & Miniatures in stock!

Order here and pick up in the store!



Have Invaded!

New Stock every week


 Funko Vinyl Pop! Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Disney,

Game of Thrones, My Little Pony, Planeswalkers,

Beauty and The Beast, The Big Lebowski & More!

Collect them All


Need a Cuteness Interlude?

Check out Anthem's own Sugar Bear video...


posted on 01/14/14

More changes coming to the website! Searching for Collectibles, Hard to find stuff & general fun? Check out our Treasure Trove!

New Location!

posted on 01/02/14

We have moved to our new home at:

5380 West Village Drive

Tampa, 33624!

(813) 968-5380

We couldn't be more excited to share this space with you and the games we all love!  We now have a Cafe too!  Keep a lookout on our Facebook and this website for updates on:

Magic: The Gathering

Pokemon Tournament


Dungeons & Dragons

The Spoils League

Board Games

Warhammer 40k Tournaments

Commander League

Kaijudo Tournaments

Painting Tutorials







posted on 11/23/12

Events Every Day of the Week!


Monday Mania, come in for in-store specials and sales!

Iced Coffee Happy Hour 6p-close


7pm Star Wars X-Wing

Board Game Night


6:30pm Bolt Action

7pm Dungeons & Dragons Encounters

MTG Standard


5pm Warhammer & Miniatures Open Gaming

6pm Have Fun Play Spoils


7:30pm Friday Night Magic

8:00pm MTG Draft


Dungeons & Dragons Open Play

Pathfinder Open Play

1pm Modern MTG with Nick O

4pm EDH Commander League

6pm MTG Drafting with Angie


2pm Pokemon Open Play

Warhammer Apocalypse

3pm Learn to Play: The Spoils! Pokemon, Magic & More! (ideal for new players)


Anthem Games is proud to be a player-supported store. We cater to beginners and veterans alike who learn and love all types of gaming. The above schedule is a guideline  and subject to change due to large events. While we do schedule events, you are welcome to pull up a chair with your own group and game. Come in and experience the difference in friendly play, exceptional customer service and good times! Check our calendar for special tournaments and events throughout the month.


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