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Journey Into Nyx Pre-Release Weekend

posted on 04/05/14

Join Anthem Games April 26-27 bring Theros block full circle with the Pre-Release of Journey Into Nyx!

The Winner of each Standard event will recieve 1 free pre-release event!

Friday Midnight:

$24 Sealed


1pm - $24 Sealed
7pm - $48 Two-Headed Giant Sealed


1pm - $24 Sealed
7pm - $48 Two-Headed Giant Sealed


The Game You Love

posted on 01/14/14

As many of you have probably read on this here Internets, Magic: The Gathering cards have been found on eBay, in local stores in North Carolina and in trade binders that are completely Counterfeit. We have been tracking this recent trend from China closely over the past week and have been 5380% committed to only Genuine Wizards of the Coast products to be bought, sold and played in our store/ on We want you, the reason we open our doors every day, to rest very assured that Anthem Games will always have only legitimate cardboard! We understand that fakes have always and will always exist in our great game, but this new batch is just too darn convincing to take lightly.

We have always inspected every card that came to us, and put up in our inventory for these inconsistencies, and will continue to comb through all of our cards with as much care and concern as the player receiving these cards should. We are a fun, sunny, happy bunch here at Anthem Games and to put out a sincere message like this shows that we are taking this very serious, as you should. eBay and other websites may be controversial right now but please have faith in to continue to deliver the Magic cards you crave!
Thank you so much for your continued support of the Biggest Game Store/Cafe in Florida!

New Location!

posted on 01/02/14

We have moved to our new home at:

5380 West Village Drive

Tampa, 33624!

(813) 968-5380

We couldn't be more excited to share this space with you and the games we all love!  We now have a Cafe for those long gaming sessions in-store!  Keep a lookout on our Facebook and this website for updates on:

Magic: The Gathering PTQ's / 1-10k's / Nostalgia Draft's

Pokemon Tournament's

Dungeons & Dragons Night's

The Spoils League

Board Game Night's!

Warhammer 40k Tournament's

Commander League Announcement's

MTG Cube Draft's

Kaijudo Tournament's

Painting Tutorials






Anthem Games Events

posted on 11/23/12

Events Every Day of the Week!


7pm MTG Standard

TRADER Tuesdays

7pm MTG Modern

7pm Board Game Night


7pm MTG Draft

7pm MTG Standard


5pm Warhammer & Miniatures Open Gaming


6pm MTG Draft

7:30pm Friday Night Magic

9:30pm MTG Draft


3pm Commander League

8pm MTG Draft


3pm Learn to Play Magic (ideal for new players)

3pm The Spoils

7pm MTG Draft


Anthem Games is proud to be a player-supported store. We cater to beginners and veterans alike who learn and love all types of gaming. Come in and experience the difference in friendly play, exceptional customer service and good times! Check our calendar for special tournaments and events throughout the month.


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